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EROT!C STORY! 2 P*ssies and 1 d!ck.

I had only been in the modelling world for two weeks and I knew that to go further, I needed to be willing to shed my morals. Sure, I had never had an issue when it came to using my body to get what I wanted, so this truth was …

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EROT!C STORY! Spiced p*ssy

I was thrilled when I heard that I was being considered for a spot at one of the most reputable modelling agencies in the country. I wanted so bad to have a more legit representation while learning as much as I could about my craft. Mrs Okoro, the owner of …

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Erot!c Story! My sugar-daddy experience

A friend recently asked a few of us to act as ushers on during her uncle’s birthday party. Most of us agreed since there was payment involved and to young girls in 200level, it sounds like a good deal. All we had to do was attend a party and get …

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