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Here are the 10 most guarded places on earth

Just like it is in movies where a small chip, a document or a file is protected by an entire army.  This is done because of the power of what is being protected as it could cause a heavy damage if it ever got into the wrong hands. As much as we would love to imagine that these stuffs only happen in movies, there are many places like this in real life where a civilian foot cannot go in without a proper authorization. Let’s take a look at the ten most guarded places below;

#10- ADX Florence Prison

This not the kind of Prison that you would expect Michael Scolfield who is the legendary prison breaker, to escape from. The facility is located in Colorado USA and it is the home to the most terrible and the worst criminals. The prison is well monitored with both computers and a strong army as well.  It has 1400 steel doors Each of its cell is monitored 24/7 through a computerized method consisting of motion detectors and cameras on each door. Their rules are so terrible that the prisoners don’t even have the luxury of communicating to each other. Even if an inmate manages to escape from his cell, he will still have to face fierce security dogs and snipers. That’s not all, there are snipers and a Razor sharp fence around the prison.

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