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These are what you should watch at the Wits 969 Festival

Wits University’s 969 Festival is going to be awesome as we have some big names that are going to be performing there live. Here are some of the performances that you should look out for in the upcoming Wits 969 Festival.

Hani: The Legacy
25 July, 18:30 and 29 July, 16:30

This story is based on the anti-apartheid hero Chris Hani’s life. The story is told through rap and ballads and it is inspired by the American musical Hamilton. The cast is composed of young and energetic people. They are going to be taking a look at the life of the historical figure. It is produced by Leila Henriques who won gold in the Standard Bank Ovation Awards this year.

Dada Masilo’s Giselle
Main Theatre
29 July, 20:30

You are going to be thrilled by the work of our very own local choreographer, Dada Masilo who is well known for her creativity. She took home the Standard Bank Young Artist ward in 2008 for dance. Her piece is about a peasant girl that died of broken her after her lover broke her trust in a very bad way. It’s a beautiful piece for the heartbroken and you are gonna love every bit of it.

Helen of Troyeville
Downstairs Theatre
28 July, 19:30
29 and 30 July, 18:00


This peace is delivered by a very talented actress and a lovely new director who team up to bring you some good east side flavour. The story is based on a lady who is in the twilight of her life and has a strong passion to live. She finds herself in a critical situation which forces her to reflect on her life in one of the meanest hoods on the planet, Troyville East side.

Samthing Soweto
Main Theatre
20 July, 20:00

This is the young man that received the Standard Bank Ovation for music this year, he is going to be performing and live and you can catch a glimpse of him him. He is one of the founders of the capella group. He is very talented and is definitely going to be worth your time spent.

Pop iCherri
26 July, 13:15 and 27 July, 19:00

This energetic cast are taking a look at a critical issue that should not be ignored. We live in a country where young women still receive “virginity bursaries” from schools, while no such thing exists for men?? You have to see this, you don’t wanna miss this.

The Full Morty
28 July, 21:00

It has been making waves around all the theatres in South Africa. I guess almost everybody has seen it except you and I wonder what you are waiting for.Critically acclaimed theatre and television actor Mortimer Williams dives into uncharted terrain – the never-explored-before depths of the South African male’s mind. This is definitely worth your time.

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